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While the other camels spit, grunted, farted, gurgled, snorted, and emitted other sounds that can’t be described in English, Kalu just walked, slowly, silently.

Starting our ride into the desert.

Courtney atop Peacock,

Courtney and her ride.

and I on Kalu,


led by mustached and turbaned Rajasthani village men, we rode over dunes and through the Thar desert from Jaisalmer toward the Pakistan border.

The Thar stretching towards Pakistan

We camped for the night, watching the sunset


while camels looked on and our guides cooked chai, chipati, and curry over the fire.

Then we curled up in our sandy cots and slept under the stars.

The accommodation

Sunrise, more chai, and some toast, as the camels had a bit to eat.

Breakfast time for the camels

Back to town on Kalu’s back, feeling tired, sandy, refreshed and amazed after our trek to the desert.

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2 thoughts on “Kalu

  1. Woah! Like so loving this post! ^_^

  2. Dianna on said:

    wow, what an awesome experience!! not many people can say they’ve spent the night on a cot in the desert!! Incredible pics as always!!

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