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“Is this going to be annoying?” I wondered aloud, lying on my bed as the sounds of frantic strumming and banging on an acoustic guitar crashed through the thin wall from the room next door.

Courtney and I had just arrived in Ubud, Bali, after 2 days of travelling from hectic India (+2 days stranded in Jakarta due to a missed flight), and were looking forward to the quiet of the Balinese countryside.

What we got instead was Tony aka Onelittletraveler aka Duckman— the guitar-strumming, kazoo-playing, Un viajero pequeno shirt-wearing, Bob Marley-singing, scrunchy (“soo-soo in Japanese”)-selling busker.

Our first night hanging out with Tony, he explained the origin of his alter ego.

“In Australia” he said, “I was busking, and not many money. So, my friend told me, get mask.  Now–”

He hopped out of his chair, ran to his room, and emerged a moment later wearing a bright yellow hood with black eyes and an orange duck bill.

“You make many money?” I ask.

“Yeayeayeayeayea!  Many money!  Now, I Duckman!”

Here he is in action.

Tony is travelling the world, playing music on the street, and sending Indonesian scrunchies home for his friend to sell to supplement his trip funds.  We had the pleasure of spending a few nights on our shared patio with him, singing songs, playing cards, and drinking cold Bintangs.

Now he is in Singapore, headed for Europe, but has promised to come visit when he makes it to the states.

Have a good trip Duckman!

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