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Trek into the Clouds

Hiking high atop a misty ridge, the wind sending chills through my sweatshirt, accompanied only by the sounds of my breathing and the crunch of my shoes cautiously footing the loose gravel, a faint outline of my guide appears through the mist ahead.  Other than the grass and trees, he is the only other living thing in sight. I can’t believe this is still India.

Just days earlier I had been in the hot, crowded, noisy alleys of Varanasi Here I was surrounded by green trees and clouds, trekking atop the Himalayan foothills into Nepal. The two day journey, led by my awesome guide Sanguy, was beautifully refreshing (minus the cloud cover obscuring the usually amazing views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and a distant Everest).

Check out the photos of my trek in the Singalia mountains from Darjeeling to Tumling, Nepal.

*Click on one to view in gallery mode

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5 thoughts on “Trek into the Clouds

  1. What an adventure! I’m going to have some time off in January/February and I’m debating between traveling in India or Myanmar. Can your recommend one over the other?

    • josephadducci on said:

      Unless you have a full 2 months, I say go to Myanmar. I spent 2 months in India and felt like I didn’t even scratch the surface. Maybe save it for when you have more time to travel. Also Myanmar is in such an exciting time right now – opening to the West and giving the people more freedoms. I worry that this “fresh” feeling, where the people are truly excited to see you and aren’t always trying to make a dollar off of you, will not last for very long. So my advice is Myanmar now – India will always be India and will be waiting.

      • Thanks, that’s great advice. I’m sure Myanmar is really exciting right now, and I would love to see it before it looks like Thailand does with all of the tourists. Good luck to you!

  2. Derek Snitker on said:

    awesome post big guy. glad you enjoyed your hiking and whatnot.

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